Putin’s War has sparked countries like Finland and Sweden to start the process in joining NATO. What is that process, anyway?

The geopolitical order of the world is shifting, with enormous implications. Prior to the war in Ukraine, Finland and Sweden, who share borders with Russia, opted not to join NATO. After the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, they changed their minds. So what does that process look like? Here is the step-by-step process.

Step 1: The country must be a European Country that follows democratic principles, and it must contribute to the security of the Euro-Atlantic Area.

Step 2: The country is invited to join the MAP (Membership Action Plan).

Step 3: After implementing any necessary reforms, accession talks are held. The country then accepts the commitment, rights and obligations of membership.

Step 4: Every member of the Alliance to sign and ratify the accession protocol.

Step 5: Invitee country adopts and deposit its own bill of ratification to join NATO.

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