On September 17, the FDA debated if COVID-19 vaccine are needed and who will receive Emergency Use Authorization if approved.

The FDA meeting related to COVID-19 vaccine booster lasted eight hours with presentation and evidence for and against booster dose. Video and materials can be found on the FDA website. The panel voted 16-2 against distribution of vaccine to population 16 and older, but had unanimously recommended for populations with high risk of suffering severe illness from COVID-19. These population include people age 65 and older, people with heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other comorbidities.

With COVID-19 vaccine immunity waning with time, are booster really needed for the rest of the population? Data from Israel, the United Kingdom and other countries shows that COVID-19 vaccines are losing their strength, new variants may pose a threat for boosters, and questions if new vaccines needed. Experts agree that eventually boosters will be needed, but now it is a question of when and how will vaccines be distributed.

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