Disasters happen, it’s just a matter of time. Better to plan and expect the unexpected. Being prepared will have you looking like a hero when it’s really counts.

There are many disaster resources across the web, but will have you prepared for anything – including the zombie apocalypse. (Or, you know, a real apocalypse!) Check out the site to build an emergency plan to keep you prepared for any disaster.

Don’t have time for build an emergency disaster kit with food, water, shelter and medical? Here are a few great pre-built kits for to help you. Kits can be resized depending on your use and family size, and recommends to customize your kit for your unique regional disaster environment.

General Disaster Kit
All-in-one survival kits can equip you for survival for 72 hours for the average person. Choose a bug-out-bag (BOB) for a family of 4 with Comfort4, or for a family of 2 with Comfort2.

Natural Disaster Kit
Need an option for camping, car, earthquake hiking and hunting that doesn’t break the bank? Ready America has an essential kit for 1, 2 and/or 4 person survival kit. This kit includes the bare essential supplies recommended by the American Red Cross.

Portable Kit
This is a must-have for those quick on the go emergencies. These are easy to keep in your vehicle, in your bag, or at work, and it has enough to get you home so you can access your bigger emergency survival kit.

Disasters are unpredictable and scary, but there are things you can do to prepare ahead of time. Don’t wait until one hits to make sure you have some basics at hand to help you weather the proverbial storm…or actual storm, as the case may be.