Welcome to the year of the golden ox! Here are some fun ways to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year this year!

The Chinese Lunar New Year is typically celebrated for a day in the United States, but it actually lasts for two weeks until the Lantern Festival. Many other Asian cultures also celebrate Lunar New Year like Tet (Vietnam), Seollal (Korea) and Losar (Tibet) as a Spring Festival. In the U.S. we more often refer to this holiday as Chinese New Year instead of Lunar New Year, since the largest segment of Asian-American population is Chinese.

This holiday is all about luck, health, and reuniting with family. Read more at Oprah Magazine as they explain Lunar New Year’s interesting traditions and superstitions.

If you want to join in some celebrations virtually, check out some of the cool Lunar New Year celebrations and activities below!

Asian Society Texas Center
Chinese Historical Society of America (Ended)
Smithsonian American Art Museum
Met Museum
Nai-Hi Chen Dance Company