As many as 17 million mink may be culled due to a mutated version of coronavirus that could spread to humans, and may interfere with vaccine effectiveness.

Denmark is the worlds largest producer of mink fur. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen stated that infected minks posed a risk of the future of COVID-19 vaccine, as significant numbers were carrying a mutated form of the coronavirus. Minks are the only animals so far that can both contract the virus, and pass it on to other humans. Cases in Denmark are spreading fast as 5 new cases are found in mink farms and 12 people had become infected. Frederiksen said that Denmark has great responsibility towards it’s one population and are taking appropriate action. This has also been approved by International Humane Society, recognizing the risk this poses to humanity across the globe

BBC News: Denmark to cull up to 17M mink amid coronavirus fears

NYT: Denmark will kill all farmed mink, citing coronavirus infection

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