Ask what your customers do – then focus on saving them time.

Whenever I talk to my customers about my product, I think about the Henry Ford quote: If he asked his customers what they wanted, they would have told him they wanted faster horses.

The discussions I end up having are usually a lot different than what they might expect. I stay away from conversations about what they want or even what they need. I focus on what they do and why they do it.

This philosophy can sometimes be as confusing for my customers as it is sacrilegious among my entrepreneur and product engineering peers. But almost always, when they’re presented with the results, all is forgiven. 

Whether you’re building B2B or B2C, you’re trying to make the customer’s life easier. In a business sense, this is about removing all of the friction and mundanity from their day-to-day so they can get to their goals and beyond at a faster rate.

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