Abandon your shopping cart, and you can possibly get an extra discount from your favorite store for items that are not in danger of selling out this Black Friday.

Black Friday is just a few days away.

In order to help consumers get the most bang for their buck, NBC News senior consumer investigative correspondent Vicky Nguyen revealed all the helpful tips and tricks that people can use when they’re shopping online.

One helpful suggestion that Nguyen made was to wait to purchase the items in your online cart.

Instead of immediately hitting the “buy now” button on a seller’s website, Nguyen says that you should abandon your cart completely by leaving the website and finding something else to do for the next few days.

“You might get an email from that store saying, ‘Hey, I think you forgot these items in your cart?'” Nguyen said. And to entice the buyer to come back to its site, the store might offer you another discount to make the sale.

However, if you’re worried about items selling out, look on social media for any sales codes and offers that stores may give out.

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