May is bicycle month, so here are some helpful tips to buy a bike for the kiddos to enjoy a summer of fun!

From ages 8 to 12, kids grow fast and learn fast, so picking the right ride isn’t a matter of just future-proofing. The school-age and preteen years can be a confusing time for parents when it comes to choosing a bicycle for a child. Not only are kids that age growing fast—typically, a 50th-percentile boy gains about 8 inches from ages 8 to 12, while 50th-percentile girls grow almost exactly the same amount, from about 50 to 58 inches—but their riding skills can vary wildly from year to year or from kid to kid. So if you brought your son or daughter’s bike out from winter hibernation only to find that they now look like a circus bear on a tiny tricycle as they ride, your kid may be due for an upgrade.

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