Fiona the Hippo, social media star of the Cincinnati Zoo, is going to be a big sister!

The zoo announced a fourth member is going to join its Nile hippo bloat Monday after a series of social media posts raised speculation that Bibi may be pregnant.

“The hippo team is excited and also nervous,” said Eric Byrd, manager of Cincinnati Zoo’s Africa team. “As most people know, Bibi’s first baby, Fiona, was born six weeks premature and wouldn’t have survived without the intervention of her human caregivers. We are hoping for a full-term pregnancy and will be doing everything we can to support Bibi.”

On Sunday the Cincinnati Zoo posted “Happy National Siblings Day” with the image of an ultrasound. Though the post did not elaborate if Bibi was pregnant, multiple commenters began asking if Fiona was going to have a sibling.

The gestation for a Nile hippo is eight months according to the zoo. Bibi’s second baby and 5 year old Fiona the Hippo’s first sibling is expected to arrive late this summer. Looks like we’ll all have a baby hippopotamus to watch on Christmas!

Read more at The Dayton Daily News.

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