Will sanctions against Russia work, and will they drastically impact the stock markets and U.S. investors for a long time? Experts weigh in with answers and some global perspectives.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has roiled global markets. Inflation and the prospect of higher interest rates were already contributing to market volatility. Now, global sanctions and the day-to-day events in Ukraine have made navigating volatile markets even more difficult.

To understand what the war means globally as well as closer to home, it helps to take a broad perspective. The war in Ukraine is resulting in tragic loss of life and human suffering, as well as causing massive damage to Ukraine’s physical infrastructure. It has sent a wave of more than 1 million refugees to neighboring countries looking for housing, food and safety. Amid these ongoing tragic events unfolding in Ukraine, what is happening, and what are potential scenarios and market implications?

The United States, Europe, Canada, Britain, Japan and other countries have responded to the Ukraine invasion by immediately imposing unprecedented sanctions against Russia. Many countries have publicly stated that they do not want a war with Russia, and President Biden has consistently ruled out the deployment of U.S. troops to Ukraine: “Let me say it again: Our forces are not — and will not — be engaged in the conflict with Russia in Ukraine.”

There is a real concern that sending military forces to the region would risk additional escalation with one of the largest nuclear superpowers in the world. Neither the U.S. nor Russia can hope to “win” a nuclear war.

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