National Singles Awareness Day is Tuesday, February, 15, 2022. Valentine’s doesn’t have to be a slog if you’re not partnered up.

It is no accident that the day after Valentine’s Day is lately observed as Singles Awareness Day. And to offer some help, here’s a guide to being single on Valentine’s Day.

Part of the motivation is disdain for the great commercialism surrounding Valentine’s Day. But the greater part is to recognize and celebrate individual worth without formal attachment to others. While there are some 138 million married adults in America, the number of singles is close behind at around 126 million. This gap is far narrower than was the case in 1950, when there were 74.4 million married Americans, and just 37.3 million singles.

If you find yourself among the 126 million singles in the U.S., how does one celebrate? With some self-care, good food, and some well-deserved pampering, of course. Go ahead – you deserve it, you single Kings and Queens.

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