An outdoor festival in the Netherlands has shocked officials after 1,050 coronavirus infections were linked to the event. despite requiring vaccination or a recent negative COVID test.

The Verknipt outdoor festival in early July, had 20,000 people attend over two days. Organizers have insisted the event was carefully planned and controlled, but despite this, 1,050 people who attended the festival have since tested positive for Covid, according to Utrecht’s regional health board.

Organizers feel they learned some lessons for the future. They allowed people to test for COVID up to 40 hours before the event, and now feel that 24 hours is more conducive to safety. Additionally, people could get a pass for the festival immediately after being vaccinated, when in reality it takes several weeks for immunity to build following a Covid vaccine.

What does this mean for you if you want to attend an outdoor concert this summer? Be smart, and be careful! If you chose to go to an outdoor event, be sure to take precautions by wearing a mask and social distancing from others as much as possible. It pays to be cautious – as much as we all want the pandemic to be over, we’re still in the middle of a changing epidemic and need to exercise caution.

Read more at CNBC.

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