Research is painting a sharper picture of what happens when our minds wander, and it’s showing that daydreaming may make us happier and more creative if we do it the right way.

There have been interesting studies showing that when the mind is free-moving through daydreams and random thoughts, we are happier and more creative. Letting your mind wander while doing random tasks appears to make people more content, and more productive. When our brains are generating ideas, it’s helpful to drift in many directions and not be constrained, which freely moving thought allows.

Taking a mind-wandering break might be good not just for our creativity and happiness, but also for our productivity, especially if we are in jobs requiring focused attention that is draining to maintain.

So take a guilt-free brain break every now and then, and let your mind wander. Science says it’s good for you…and may just lead to creativity and breakthrough solutions.

Read more at The Washington Post.

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