Online tutorials for TikTok and music video routines can help you stay current on your dance moves. (Yes, the “WAP” dance is within your reach.)

Across TikTok, many creators post short tutorials for their own dances, often recorded in slow motion to make them easier to follow.  Sometimes, though, more detailed instruction is useful. On his YouTube channel, Online Dance Classes, the choreographer Vincent Vianen posts longer tutorials for trending TikTok dances (all his videos are free), with clear, specific directions and chances to practice at various speeds.

The dancer Marissa Montanez has been making online dance tutorials since 2009, when she started a YouTube channel to teach Lady Gaga’s choreography. As a senior instructor with the New York dance-fitness studio Banana Skirt Productions, which has moved online during the pandemic, she often teaches routines from popular music videos.

These instructors, along with others, can help you up your dance game. If you want to learn new dance routines at home so you are dance-floor ready when we go out in to the world again, the article below lists more info and resources with varying styles and corresponding tutorials. 

Read more at The New York Times.

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