Scientists say they now know why we have Zoom Fatigue after a day of video calls…and here is what you can do about it.

CNET reports that Stanford researchers say Zoom Fatigue has four main culprits: excessive and intense eye contact, constantly watching video of yourself, the limited mobility of being stuck at your desk, and more energy spent identifying social cues you’d otherwise pick up on intuitively in person. All of this adds up to making you feel exhausted, even though you just spent your day smiling through video meetings.

So what’s a person to do? In a nutshell, here are four strategies to counterbalance the negative physical effects of video calls:

  • Make the onscreen window smaller to minimize participants’ face size.
  • Get some distance from your webcam to increase your “personal space bubble.”
  • Hide your self-view video feed.
  • Periodically turn off your camera then physically turn away from the screen so you’re not watching others.

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