With vaccines rolling out, when can we see people who are fully vaccinated?

It’s been nearly a year since we’ve been able to see family and friends without masks and other pandemic precautions. Now that some people have both their shots, can they see others? The answer is nuanced – in some cases yes, in others, no.

If they are in a nursing home or other place where many people live with compromised immune systems, the answer is likely not quite yet. But if they live independently, then depending on the situation…and as long as it has been at least two weeks since their 2nd shot…then maybe! You need to still take precautions like wearing a mask and social distancing since the vaccine isn’t 100% protective, even though it’s pretty darn close.

It’s still unknown if vaccinated people can still transmit COVID, so for your own protection, be careful. Use common sense, have a distanced visit (outside if possible, open windows for ventilation if not), and enjoy this small step towards normalcy!

Read more at NPR.

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