Every now and then a story comes around that affirms good things happening in the world, even during these difficult times. This is that story.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for a corgi. (I happen to have an absolutely adorable one named Fiona…but I digress.) The first part of this amazing story features a man with a corgi who hit hard times, a couple whose hearts were breaking over the loss of their own beloved corgi who stepped in to help, and the kindness of strangers who learned of the plight of this gentleman in need. In an update published recently, I’m happy to say that the story has an unexpectedly happy ending for everyone involved.

We all need some affirmation of good things happening in the world…and sometimes helping others ends up helping us in the process. This story will raise your spirits, make you smile, and confirm your faith of the goodness of people.

Read the first part of the LA Times story here and then the second part here.