The MBA Response is connecting small businesses and non-profits with MBA students to help them get pro-bono assistance in navigating the PPP funding application process. Yes, for free!

Applying for PPP assistance from the federal government can be tricky – navigating the labyrinthian process is daunting for many small businesses in need. Thrive33 published an excellent primer to help businesses navigate the this process, and increase their chances of getting funding.

Now, as the Paycheck Protection Program opens once more, there are additional resources. The MBA Response is launching a network of MBA students from across the country to provide pro-bono assistance to small businesses during the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. The program matches small businesses and non-profits with these MBA students to provide 1-on-1 assistance navigating the PPP application and forgiveness process via their Small Business Strike Team. (It should be noted this organization is not a lender, they offer assistance to help with the application process at whichever lender the business prefers.) Their team has expertise in budgeting, data crunching, stakeholder outreach, strategic planning, research, project management, and more.

Businesses can apply here to be matched up with someone from The MBA Response to help apply for PPP funding.

MBA students / recent MBA graduates can apply here to volunteer to assist businesses in need with PPP funding applications. (All MBAs have the necessary skills to help.)

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