Work life balance takes on new meaning when we are confined to our homes indefinitely. Given this new reality, how can we make room for our true selves in our work life, and bring both in to alignment?

With our home and work lives blending in to each other as day stretches in to day, finding a way to make room for ourselves and tend to our well-being as we work from home becomes an even more pressing priority. This article from the archive of HBR notes that “crafting and sustaining a multifaceted identity is challenging for todays’ workers and their organizations. The greedy nature of our work (asking us to wear more hats, to do more, to be always on), combined with the demands of our personal lives and social pressure to be and focus on just one thing, means we need to learn how to manage our portfolio of different identities and the expectations that come with them.”

HBR: How To Make Room In Your Work Life For The Rest Of Your Self