Every instance of a health care worker being harmed on the job is preventable. Every single one. So it is time to finally take the safety of health care staff seriously.

HBR elaborates on five leadership imperatives taken from practices before and during the pandemic to keep healthcare workers safe. They are:

  1. Set a goal of zero workplace injuries and illnesses.
  2. Make staff safety a fundamental value that you won’t compromise for other organizational priorities.
  3. Establish processes to make staff safety transparent and to learn from every safety incident. 
  4. Create an organization-wide daily huddle system to identify and solve problems quickly. 
  5. Don’t use frontline caregiver heroism as an excuse not to act.

There’s more we can do, and we should do it. HBR lays out the details below.

HBR: Health Care Workers Protect Us. It’s Time to Protect Them.