WASHINGTON POST: Volunteers Can Now Sign Up For Large Coronavirus Vaccine Studies

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The national Covid-19 Prevention Network will require tens of thousands of volunteers.

As the search for a coronavirus vaccine moves to large human trials, volunteers are needed to move the research forward. A network of more than 100 clinical trial sites at hospitals and medical clinics in the United States and across the world will take on the unprecedented challenge of testing covid-19 vaccines and other preventive treatments.

Testing a vaccine is a conceptually simple idea, but it is a careful and methodical process that unfolds through a phased system of trials that grow progressively larger. Early clinical trials, some of which have reported encouraging results, assess the right dose of the vaccine and monitor for any safety concerns in dozens, or a few hundred patients. But the ultimate test of these vaccines will be large trials designed to test whether they are effective at preventing or reducing the severity of the disease.

VOLUNTEER for a Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

WASHINGTON POST: Volunteers can now sign up for large coronavirus vaccine studies

NIH: NIH launches clinical trials network to test COVID-19 vaccines and other prevention tools

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