Chip Makers Must Provide Child Care Plan for Fund Access

semiconductor chips bill chip childcare

Chip makers who want access to billions of dollars in new federal funding will first have to figure out how workers will access affordable child care, per a new requirement from the Commerce Department.

Parents, particularly women, can’t go to work if they can’t find child care — a problem that’s only grown more acute, first in the pandemic and now in the tight labor market. This move is a clear acknowledgement from the administration that child care issues are intertwined with the economy and employment.

The multi-billion dollar CHIPS bill was signed into law last year as a way to bolster the domestic production of semiconductors — a vital component for almost every electronic device we use today — and to help prevent future supply chain crises.

Companies who want to tap a slice of the $39 billion in funding set aside to build chip manufacturing plants will be required to submit a plan explaining how facility workers, as well as construction workers, will access child care, according to a presentation from the Commerce Department shared with Axios.

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