Even though your gym is closed doesn’t mean you have to stop working out

We could surely use the coronavirus excuse why we gained 20 pounds by eating macaroni and cheese and saying that the gym was closed. The reality of it is that you have no excuses. Fitness apps have made their apps free for a limited time giving you less anxiety for committing to another subscription. We know there are a lot of choices out there, so we used some criteria in selecting the apps. They had to be Free-99. The UI had to be functionally cool. They provided multiple product offerings in different categories like nutrition and mindfulness. Streaming the app to your smart TV removes you from squinting on your phone. Lastly, they need options with minimal equipment. Let us know what’s working for you and send us to


This is the app I’ve been using the most during Covid-19 because of the cycle classes. Free for 90 days, it gives you a pass to thousands of live and on-demand classes-anywhere, anytime. They also offer classes in running, yoga, outdoor and strength. Once you select a class, you see the rest of the world who’s also signed on. An added bonus is the ability to stream the app to your big screen TV. I can’t stress this function enough as to why I’ve been using it more than any other app. It makes it feel like the instructor is right there with you. Available on iOS and android.

Flip 50 for Seniors

The best app for seniors over 50 jumps out as one of the most clever uses of UI as the guitar-pick shapes navigate you through the app. I have a connection to this app because my mom struggles to find a way to rehab her spinal fused back. The app makes it very simple with a holistic approach. Balance can be the biggest issue for seniors so Mondays focus on strengthening the hips. Tuesday provides nutritional tips. Wednesday is yoga. Thursday is breathing. Friday is stretching and Saturday is to be sugar free. The app is free on iOS and android.


If you’ve seen Chris Hemsworth as Thor, you know the guy knows how to work out. In Centr6, free for 7 days and $10/mo for a year subscription, it brings low or no equipment workouts, meal plan hacks and tips to reduce your stress during boredom during COVID-19. The “6” focusses on 6 exercises, 6 rounds, in 6 Days, in 6 week intervals. There are plenty of functions that stand out. The daily planner sits above your workout keeping you on track. The Explore section allows you to filter out for “Low Equipment” or “None.” Each trainer is responsible for each level of fitness. If you’re training to be the next super hero, we suggest giving it a try. Available for iOS and android.

Nike Training Club

Once you sign on, you instantly feel like you’re in a Nike commercial with the cinematographic backdrops of the gym. Right now, NTC Premium is free to all Nike Members. The real value is that the trainers who train profession athletes are now training you. There are a total of 185+ workouts as new workouts drop every month ranging from 15-60 minutes. Several categories make this special: yoga, cardio & HIT, strength, mobility, nutrition, mindfulness & sleep, and training & recovery. Tie the app to your apple watch and unpack the data on your iPhone to see where you excel and need to improve. I completed an Upper Body Strength Breakthrough 1 workout with Brian Nunez and TBH, I was really sore the morning after. Try the intermediate ‘Breakthrough Challenge’ 4 weeks, 5X a week program ranging in 30-45 minutes and tell us how good you look afterwards. Available on iOS and android.


Claiming to be the exercise app for the busy person, you will never have an excuse to move. You can do it on your bed or at your desk. There are over 1,000+ exercises, 300+ fun routines, downloadable for offline use, and continuous new content. Free trial for 7 days and then $4.99/mo. after available for iOS and android.

Down Dog

Having never taken a yoga class in my life, i began my first class on my iphone using the Down Dog, available for free until May 1. The video tutorials are shot with beautiful window lit studios demonstrating moves that aren’t too difficult to perform on a yoga mat. A slider appears on the bottom of the screen to mix music and the instructor’s British voice. Move it to the left and it’s mostly music. Slide it right, it’s the instructor. This app was very easy to use and plan to explore the other apps in HIIT, Barre, and probably not the Prenatal Yoga. Available on iOS and android.

Jillian Michaels

The app has similar product offerings like the others, but is unique in that it considers different goals a woman may need to set like: 30 pounds to lose, 6 weeks to wedding day, or prenatal. The nutrition stands out adjusting to different goals. The advanced menu options for the whole day make the app a standout. Jillian also connects her podcast where she talks about her current parenting experiences where she feels that she hasn’t been that great of a mom to her kids. Free for 7 days and then $14.99/mo or $69.99/yr. Available for iOS and android.

Active by Popsugar

Probably the most inclusive app featuring people of all shapes and sizes, the Active app is free during COVID-19 as POPSUGAR offers workouts for everyone. Strengthen, sculpt, dance, box, or restore with your favorite POPSUGAR instructors. Mix up your fitness routine with a variety of toning, dance cardio, yoga workouts and more. New workouts under 45 minutes added monthly, which can be modified according to many filters. My only complaint about the app is that the videos are in portrait mode, which is great for the phone, but when watching on a TV, the wasted black space around the video frame didn’t maximize screen real estate for the workouts. Available on iOS, android, appleTV, Roku, and streaming to your smart TV only through Chromecast.

My Fitness Pal

This app has been around for a while, but still one of the best for counting calories with over 11 million foods in the database. You set a daily calorie intake goal and then you add your food and liquids for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. You can either input your exercise or have it connected to your apple watch and it will deduct that amount from your calories. The overall goal is to have a calorie deficit. It can be a pain to input each individual item, but after you develop a routine, you can copy your intake from another day or meal. Free with paid upgraded features. Available on iOS and android.


Stop squinting at your phone and listen. The Aaptiv app provides audio-based instruction so you can focus on your form and be one with your environment. There are plenty of workouts depending on your filters whether you’re at home, at the gym, or outside. Free for 7 days and then $14.99/mo. Available on iOS and andoroid.

Apple Watch App

Can’t say enough about including the Apple Watch in your workouts. Apple introduced the concept of “Closing 3 Rings: 1. Active Calories 2. 30 Exercise Minutes 3. 12X Standing Up. Close all 3 of them and you receive an award. Every time I begin an exercise, I look for the particular workout i.e. Indoor Cycle, I designate for Calories, Time, or Open and hit Start. Throughout the workout, it captures my heart rate measured in BPMs. This is my indicator if I’m half-assing my workout. The American Heart Association details different levels according to your age. Once your done with your workout, it syncs up with the Apple Activity App to provide you with more screen real estate of data. Here’s a comparison between the Series 3 and 5 models. Prices starting at $199.